Our network members are involved with a variety of projects. We feel it is important to share the reports of academic or community-based research so you can build on that work and we can, together, work for a better food system. Below you will find links to some of the projects our members have been involved with.

(Clicking on a link will open up the document as a PDF in a new window or tab.)

Propagating the Food Movement: Provincial Networks and Social Mobilization in Canada. (November 2012)

This report is part of a study that explores the structure and constitution of networks of food initiatives in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario  and Nova Scotia, working in partnership with four provincial network organizations.

On the matter of red meat sector supply chains (Kathleen Gibson for the BC Food Systems Network to the House of Commons Select Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food) (March 2012)

A very clear and concise statement of some of the problems raised by scale-indifferent policy, using the example of Meat Inspection Regulation of BC’s Food Safety Act. Contains specific recommendations for the federal government.

Food Security in Public Health and other Government Programs in British Columbia: A Policy Analysis. (2011)

This synopsis was written for British Columbians involved in joint food security initiatives with the government. Public Health has re-emerged as a driver of food security in British Columbia. Food security policy, programs and infrastructure have been integrated into the Public Health sector and other areas of government, including the adoption of food security as a Core Public Health program. While Civil Society was the driver for food security in British Columbia, Public Health was the driver for the integration of food security into the government.


  1. We have gathered a bunch of reports relevant to the Kootenays at
    The Groundswell Guide is great for any food movement!

  2. I’m glad that you have spent all that time and effort to work on these projects, giving people benefits and knowledge on what is the better food system.

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